Yves II, Count of Soissons

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Yves II le Vieux of Nesle (Ives, Ivo) (d. 1178), son of Raoul I, Seigneur of Nesle, and his wife Rainurde (Ermentrude) of Eu-Soissons. Seigneur of Nesle, Count of Soissons. Upon the death of Renaud III, Count of Soissons, Yves was chosen as the next count by the Bishop of Soissons,[1] Joscelin de Vierzi.[2]

Following the preaching of Bernard of Clairvaux at Vézelay in 1146, Yves joined Louis VII and a host of French nobles in the Second Crusade.[3] He was part of the Crusade Concilium in Acre in June 1148 and was one of many suitors for Constance of Antioch following her husband's death in 1149.[4]

Yves married Yolande, a daughter of Baldwin IV, Count of Hainaut, and his wife Alice of Namur.[5] They had no children.

Upon the death of Yves, his nephew Conon became Count of Soissons.[6]


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