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Yves Ternon (French: [tɛʁnɔ̃]; born in 1932 in Saint-Mandé) is a French physician and medical historian, as well as an author of historical books about the Jewish Holocaust and the Armenian Genocide. He is professor of the history of medicine at University Paris IV Sorbonne. He is also an active member of Doctors Without Borders organization.


  • Le massacre des aliénés (with Socrate Helman), Casterman, 1971
  • German Doctors and national-socialism (1973)
  • Armenians, history of a genocide (Threshold, 1977 and 1996)
  • The Armenian Cause (Threshold, 1983)
  • Investigation into the negation of a genocide (Brackets, 1989)
  • The criminal State (Threshold, 1995)

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