Yves Tumor

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Yves Tumor
Birth name Sean Bowie
Also known as Teams, Bekelé Berhanu, Rajel Ali, Shanti
Born Tennessee, U.S.[1]
Instruments Synthesizer, computer, sampler, vocals
Years active 2010–present
Labels PAN, Warp
Associated acts

Sean Bowie, best known by the recording alias Yves Tumor, is an American producer of experimental electronic music, born in Tennessee and currently based in Turin, Italy.[1][2]


Although Bowie previously worked in the field of vaporwave in the early 2010s under the alias of Teams, he is most known for his work under the current alias of Yves Tumor. His 2016 album on PAN, Serpent Music, received high critical acclaim from critics upon release. Andy Beta, writing for a Pitchfork review of the album, compared Yves Tumor's musical style to James Ferraro and Dean Blunt.[3] In the same review, Beta noted their use of "unsettling percussive loops and field recordings to create a mood as if lost in a strange urban landscape".[3]'

In 2018, Tumor's album Safe in the Hands of Love achieved critical acclaim. With Pitchfork exclaiming "It’s Tumor’s first project since signing to Warp, and it dwarfs everything the artist has released by several orders of magnitude. The leap is so audacious it’s disorienting."[4]


Studio albums


  • Experiencing the Deposit of Faith (2017, self-released)


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