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For other uses, see Yvette (disambiguation).

Yvette is female given name, the French feminine form of Yves, which means yew or archer in some cases.

Name variants[edit]

  • Slovak: Iveta, Yvetta
  • Catalan: Ivette, Ivet
  • Czech: Iveta
  • German: Ivette, Yvette
  • Hungarian: Ivett
  • Dutch: Yvette
  • English: Yvette
  • French: Yvette
  • Spanish: Yvette
  • Spanish (Mexico): Iveth
  • Polish: Iweta
  • Bulgaria: "Ivet" and "Iveta" ИВЕТ, ИВЕТА
  • Latvian: "Iveta"

Name Days[edit]

  • Czech: 7 June
  • Hungarian: 13 January, 6 May and 29 June
  • Polish: 13 January
  • Slovak: 27 May
  • Bulgaria: "Eniovden" Еньовден (Яневден, Яновден, Иванден, Ивъндън, Иван Бильобер, Драгийка) е празник в българския народен календар, който се чества на 24 юни
  • Latvia: 12 December

Famous bearers[edit]

Fictional characters named Yvette[edit]

  • Yvette Carte-Blanche, a fictional character in the British comedy series 'Allo 'Allo!
  • Yvette, the codename of the fictional organiser of the Belgian escape organisation for allied bomber pilots, Lifeline, in the BBC television series Secret Army
  • Yvette Saywell, the protagonist of D.H. Lawrence's The Virgin and the Gipsy
  • Yvette, The maid and secondary character out of the movie Clue
  • Yvette, one of the main six Groovy Girls, a doll series manufactured by Manhattan Toy
  • Yvette Ubetcha, Chet Ubetcha's child replacement and daughter in The Fairly OddParents episode "School's Out! The Musical"
  • Yvette Gabriella Montilyet, Josephine's younger sister in Dragon Age Inquisition.