Yvette Jarvis

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Yvette Jarvis

Yvette Jarvis, a 1979 magna cum laude graduate of Boston University, moved to Greece in 1982 as an accomplished basketball player, to play for Panathinaikos. She became the first African American to play in the Greek Women's Basketball League, while also being the first salaried female athlete in the league.

She is the first African-American elected to public office in Greece in October 2002. An elected city councilwoman in Athens, Jarvis is a former professional athlete, model and actress.

Jarvis, is a strong supporter of human rights, those particularly of Greece's women, children, immigrants, and the disabled. Some of Jarvis' many political accomplishments include the establishment of a national toll-free hotline for victims of domestic violence in April 2003 and the development of a Greek Language program for Immigrant Mothers for the City of Athens. She was the coordinator for the "Obama for President - Greece" organization for US expats in Greece in 2008 and 2012. Chair of Democrats Abroad from 2010-2013 and a boardmember from 1992.

She is the lead singer and Co-Founder [Theo Gkoutsidis] of the band SouLuv. www.youtube.com/souluvband

She is married to John Muller [Lobo Canine School/WordManinAthens] and they have a son, John Jacob Muller.

Yvette and her family currently reside in Centennial, Colorado where she currently serves as Senior Program Director of the Extended Learning Program with Denver Public Schools.