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Yvon of the Yukon
Yvon of the Yukon (title screen).JPG
GenreAnimated series
Created byIan James Corlett
Terry Klassen
Developed byStudio B Productions
Corus Entertainment
Alliance Atlantis Communications
Directed byGreg Sullivan
Voices ofDrew Reichelt
Babs Chula
Ian James Corlett
Glen Gould
Kirby Morrow
Jane Mortifee
Composer(s)Hal Foxton Beckett
Country of originCanada
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes52
Executive producer(s)Blair Peters
Chris Bartleman
Producer(s)Blair Peters
Chris Bartleman
Running time26 minutes
Production company(s)Studio B Productions
Top Draw Animation
Hong Ying Cartoons
Alliance Atlantis Communications
Original networkYTV & APTN (Canada)
CBBC : BBC One & BBC Two (UK)
CBBC Channel (UK)
Original release9 September 1999 – 22 November 2005

Yvon of the Yukon is a Canadian animated television series developed by Studio B Productions and Corus Entertainment in association with Alliance Atlantis Communications. It was produced with the participation of the Canadian Television Fund and the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit with the assistance of British Columbia Film and the Film Incentive BC grant from the province of British Columbia. Based in the fictional town of Upyermukluk, the show premiered on YTV on 9 September 1999, and last aired on 22 November 2005.

Yvon of the Yukon won the 2002 Leo Award for Best Youth or Children's Program or Series and Greg Sullivan was awarded the Best Director award for a Youth or Children's Program.[1] The show captured both awards again in 2004.[2] In 2005, Dennis Heaton won a Writers Guild of Canada Award for his work on the episode The Trouble With Mammoths.[3]


Yvon of the Yukon is about a French explorer, Yvon Ducharme, who embarks on a voyage to North America on behalf of "King Louis" (Louis XIV of France). He goes far off his intended course, into the frigid waters off Canada's northern coast, and is knocked overboard when his boat rams an iceberg. Yvon is cryogenically frozen in a block of ice for 300 years, until a sled dog owned by Inuk teenager Tommy Tukyuk, urinates on it and thaws him out. He settles in the town of Upyermukluk, Yukon ("the hottest cold town in the Arctic, midway between Shivermetimbers and Frostbottom Falls") and attempts to adjust to life in the Yukon alongside his unusual new neighbours.



Season 1[edit]

# # Title
0101"Call of the Mild"
Tommy feels left out when all the other boys at school proudly display signs of becoming men (armpit hair, bigger muscles, cracking voices, etc). In an effort to make Tommy feel better, Bill concocts a phony "Ancient Inuit Manhood Test", which inadvertently sends Tommy and Yvon, along with Harland and the Duke, out into a snowstorm.
0202"North of Nothing"
When a government cost-cutting measure leaves Upyermukluk off the map, Tommy and Yvon convince everyone that they must take action. They try to make the town map-worthy again by having someone set a world record. In a madcap race for notoriety, the people of Upyermukluk succeed, but in a surprising way.
0303"License to Smell"
After 300 years without bathing, Yvon's aroma has become unbearable even to Tommy, but getting the stubborn Frenchman to wash is next to impossible. After a series of hilarious failures, the townsfolk force Yvon to leave, until a deadly menace threatens Upyermukluk and they must seek out his help again.
0404"When Love Goes Babs"
Yvon accidentally hits Willy on the head, unleashing Babs Tidwell, Willy's mysterious alter-ego "mother". Babs sets out to destroy Yvon, until Tommy and Luba catch wind of her deadly plot and try to stop her. A hair-raising climax reveals two things: that there's more to Babs than meets the eye, and that Yvon still has some issues with his own mother.
0505"An Officer & a Frenchman"
Frustrated by Luba's laissez-faire attitude toward lawbreakers, Willy hires a huge by-the-book RCMP officer, Major Sweetly, who jails everyone in Upyermukluk for the most ridiculous infractions. Tommy signals Yvon, the last free man, to rescue them, setting the stage for a showdown that nearly destroys the entire town.
0606"The Walrus Between Us"
During an ice-fishing mishap, Yvon's life is saved by "Lumpy", a giant walrus, whom Yvon turns into his "pet". This causes a rift in Yvon and Tommy's friendship and reopens an old wound in a vengeful Harland, until Yvon finally realizes that Lumpy, like all creatures, must return home.
0707"Beach Blanket Bozos"
Every ten years, Upyermukluk gets hot enough for the ice to melt and its citizens to flock to the beach. Coincidentally, this is the same day that Yvon plans to secretly recover a treasure chest that fell off his ship during a storm. But when the secret gets out and everyone starts looking for the treasure, Yvon blames Tommy, and the beach becomes bedlam.
0808"The Clod Who Would Be King"
It's Upyermukluk's annual ice festival, and Yvon is named "King of the Karnival". However, Yvon doesn't realize he's only "King for a Day", and turns the town upside down with his oppressive royal proclamations and decrees. This sets the stage for a modern-day French Revolution in which Yvon and Tommy nearly lose their heads.
0909"Fromage to Eternity"
Yvon brings cheese fondue to a community potluck dinner, unaware that the three-hundred-year-old cheese has developed certain psychedelic qualities. Hilarity ensues when everyone is transformed into mild-mannered hippies, and Yvon gets an opportunity to conquer Upyermukluk once and for all.
1010"Million Dollar Moron"
Yvon's troubles are over when he wins the Publisher's ClearingHouse Sweepstakes. Or are they? Yvon's king-sized spending habits create chaos for everyone in Upyermukluk, and are made worse when a second Yvonne Ducharme shows up to collect her rightful winnings.
1111"Mad Dog Ducharme"
When Yvon accepts a TV wrestling challenge from a phony WWF-type champion, the ground is set for the "Rumble in Upyermukluk". But Yvon thinks the fight is supposed to be real and refuses to take a dive. This forces TV promoters to bring in a real fighter, Ivan the Terrible, the most vicious wrestler that ever lived.
1212"Love on the Rocks"
After watching an old Hollywood movie, Yvon sends a letter to its romantic star, Miss Lillian Valentine. Days later, to everyone's surprise, an 80-year-old Lillian shows up in Upyermukluk. But her age doesn't bother Yvon. He falls madly in love with her anyway, and then pops the question. But after a few nights in the freezing cold Yukon, the real question becomes; is Lillian still alive?
1313"An Affair to Dismember"
In a desperate bid to bring the world-famous Bingopalooza Games to Upyermukluk, Big Mary puts on a fancy banquet, accompanied by Yvon. However, it isn't long before Yvon's antics ruin the banquet, Harland becomes jealous, and Upyermukluk witnesses its own version of "High Noon", which ultimately teaches Big Mary the depth of Harland's love for her.

Season 2[edit]

# # Title
1401"An F in Friendship"
When Yvon attends Tommy's school, the entire education system gets an "F".
1502"Dawn of the Dense"
It's Upyermukluk's scariest Halloween ever when the town is invaded by zombies.
1603"Land of the Midnight Scum"
Tommy fears the worst when Yvon joins a gang of snowmobile bikers.
1704"Chariots of Ice"
Bill and Tommy enter a dog-sled race.
1805"The Really Odd Couple"
After getting kicked out of Big Mary's, Harland must stay with Yvon.
1906"The Y Files"
Yvon's dreams of conquest seem answered when aliens join his army.
2007"Yvon Over the Rainbow"
Yvon's search for gold leads to paradise.
2108"The Trouble with Mammoths"
Yvon and Tommy defrost a woolly mammoth which nearly destroys Upyermukluk.
2209"Pull Your Goalie"
Yvon pays a price when his special talents catapult him to hockey stardom.
2310"Joy to Yvon"
Tommy and Yvon save Christmas when thugs take over the North Pole.
2411"Ten Little Idiots"
Tommy must solve a mystery to prove Yvon's innocence.
2512"Unfit Outfitters"
Tommy and Yvon become outdoor guides.
2613"The Teeth of the Matter"
Tommy and Yvon become "swingers".

Season 3[edit]

# # Title
2701"Night of the Yvon"
Yvon discovers that he's a descendant of Gaston the Intolerable.
2802"Your Bill is Waiting"
Yvon's new restaurant puts Bill out of business.
2903"Mission to Planet Yvon"
When a satellite crashes, Yvon thinks he's broken off a piece of the sun.
3004"Yvon to be Alone"
Yvon creates a new town, then attacks Upyermukluk.
3105"De Mentor"
Yvon runs a boot camp for Chuck and Dil.
3206"I Thaw Your Butt"
Yvon discovers a deadly fungus on his derrière.
3307"The Fat Runner"
Yvon becomes a stunt man to help Tommy's film career.
Tommy and Yvon hunt renegade beavers.
3509"Siamese Twits"
Great uncle's curse switches Tommy and Yvon's brains.
3610"Cheeses of Montreal"
Bill and Yvon suffer an accident-plagued trip to Montreal.
3711"Pri-mating Ritual"
Yvon falls for a dancing gorilla.
3812"Dummy Account"
Yvon and Big Mary create a sensational dummy act.
3913"Brussels Louts"
Yvon finds a letter that says he's not French.
4014"That Sun-King Feeling"
Yvon mistakes Chuck and Dil for King Louis and his brother.
4115"Time Twerp"
Yvon re-freezes and finds himself in the year 2300.
4216"Scent of a Frenchman"
Yvon loses his manly essence to crafty drifters.
4317"A Rival's Arrival"
Yvon must deal with a three-hundred-year-old rival.
4418"The Man with the Brown Arm"
Yvon's addiction to caffeine creates chaos.
4519"Illusions of Grandeur"
Yvon thinks Tommy is a witch.
4620"Special Duh-livery"
Yvon assumes it's an invasion when the Queen's representative visits.
4721"Parasite for Sore Eyes"
A bizarre creature emerges from Yvon's armpit.
4822"Ducharme That Rocks the Cradle"
A sleepwalking Yvon is adopted by giant lumberjacks.
4923"A Yukon Yokel in King Louis' Court"
Tommy time travels to the 17th century and meets Yvon.
5024"Fashion Fools"
Yvon becomes a fashion guru.
5125"Daddy Dumbest"
Yvon takes over when Bill has a mid-life crisis.
5226"A Beautiful Day To Be French"
While lost on the tundra, Yvon recounts to Tommy his voyage from France.[4]

International releases[edit]

Country Channel Language International Title
Canada Canada YTV, Vrak.TV English, French Yvon of the Yukon
United Kingdom United Kingdom BBC One English
South Africa South Africa M-Net
Malaysia Malaysia TV1
Australia Australia Nickelodeon
Seven Network (2003)
Singapore Singapore Kids Central
France France Canal J French
South Korea South Korea EBS Korean 유콘의 이반 (Hangul)
Yukon-ui iban (Roman)
Germany Germany KiKa
German Yvon vom Yukon
Italy Italy Rai Uno Italian Yvon dello Yukon
Hong Kong Hong Kong TVB Jade Cantonese 伊万育空地區
ji1 maan6 juk6 hung1 dei6 keoi1
Japan Japan Nickelodeon Japanese キャラクター : ぼんじゅ~ル?!イボン
Russia Russia Channel 1 Russian Иван из Юкона
Tatarstan Tatarstan Channel 1 Russian
(with Tatar subtitles)
China PRC CCTV-1 Mandarin Chinese 伊万育空地区
Yī wàn yù kòng dìqū
Ukraine Ukraine Pershyi Natsionalnyi Ukrainian Іван з Юкону
Spain Spain Canal Sur 2 Spanish Yvon de Yukon
Argentina Argentina Telefe Yvon del Yukon
Colombia Colombia Nickelodeon (2003-2006)
Mexico Mexico
Portugal Portugal Canal Panda (2006-2008)
Panda Biggs (2013–2014)
Portuguese Yvon, à Conquista do Ártico (Canal Panda)
Yvon de Yukon (Panda Biggs)
Brazil Brazil Rede Globo Yvon de Yukon
Serbia Serbia RTS1 Serbian
Greece Greece ET1 Greek
Cyprus Cyprus CyBC 1
Turkey Turkey TRT Çocuk Turkish
Northern Cyprus Northern Cyprus BRT 1


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