Yvonne Barr

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Yvonne Barr
Born 11 March 1932
Died 13 February 2016
Melbourne, Australia
Citizenship British
Fields Virology
Alma mater University of London
Doctoral advisor Michael Anthony Epstein
Known for Epstein–Barr virus

Yvonne Barr (11 March 1932 – 13 February 2016) was a virologist.

She was born in Ireland and graduated with honours in zoology from Trinity College, Dublin.[1]

She discovered the Epstein–Barr virus (EBV) together with Michael Anthony Epstein during her PhD studies in 1964, whilst at Middlesex Hospital.[2][3] Barr graduated from the University of London in 1966 with a Ph.D.[4]

She moved to Melbourne, Australia, marrying Stuart Balding and had two children.[5]


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