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Yvonne McKague Housser (1897–1996), Canadian painter and teacher. She was an early Modernist painter specializing in landscapes and design. She was a founding member of the Canadian Group of Painters and the Federation of Canadian Artists.[1] She was made a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts.[2] In 1954 she was one of eighteen Canadian artists commissioned by the Canadian Pacific Railway to paint a mural for the interior of one of the new Park cars entering service on the new Canadian transcontinental train.[3] Each mural depicts a different national or provincial park; Housser's was Sibley Provincial Park.[4]


Yvonne McKague Housser was born in Toronto in 1897 to Hugh Henry McKague and Louise Elliott.[5] She studied at the Ontario College of Art (OCA), Toronto, from 1913 to 1918, under George Agnew Reid, J. W. Beatty, William Cruikshank, Robert Holmes and Emanuel Hahn.[6][7] After one more year as post-graduate and assistant, Housser began teaching as assistant instructor at OCA. In the 1920 OCA Prospectus, she and Edith Coombs were the only women listed on the teaching staff.[8] In 1921–1922, Housser took a leave of absence to study in Paris, France, at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière, Académie Colarossi and Académie Ranson.[7][9]

Housser was invited to exhibit with the Group of Seven in 1928, 1930 and 1931.[10] The group disbanded to form the country-wide Canadian Group of Painters in 1933, of which Housser was a founding member. In 1935 she married Frederick B. Housser, financial editor of the Toronto Star and author of A Canadian Art Movement: The Story of the Group of Seven, published in 1926.[9]


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