Ywain the Bastard

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Attributed arms according to Michel Pastoureau:[1] D’azur au pal d’or.

Ywain the Bastard, also called Ywain the Adventurous, is a son of King Urien of Gore and is a Knight of the Round Table in later Arthurian legend. He is often confused with his half-brother Sir Ywain, after whom he was named. While the older Ywain is the child of Urien and his wife Morgan le Fay, King Urien sired Ywain the Bastard on the wife of his seneschal. He is encountered frequently in Arthurian romance as a hearty and sensible warrior. His death comes at the hands of his cousin Gawain, ironically during the Quest for the Holy Grail. The two meet, disguised by their armor, and decide to joust. Ywain is mortally wounded, and it is not until Gawain takes him to a hermitage for his last rites that he realizes he has killed his own cousin.


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