YybP-ykoY leader

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yybP-ykoY leader
Predicted secondary structure and sequence conservation of yybP-ykoY
Symbol yybP-ykoY
Alt. Symbols SraF
Rfam RF00080
Other data
RNA type Cis-reg; riboswitch
Domain(s) Bacteria
SO 0000233

The yybP-ykoY leader RNA element was originally discovered in E. coli during a large scale screen and was named SraF.[1] This family was later found to exist upstream of related families of protein genes in many bacteria, including the yybP and ykoY genes in B. subtilis. The specific functions of these proteins are unknown, but this structured RNA element may be involved in their genetic regulation as a riboswitch.[2] The yybP-ykoY element was later proposed to be manganese-responsive after another associated family of genes, YebN/MntP, was shown to encode Mn2+ efflux pumps in several bacteria.[3][4][5] Genetic data and a crystal structure confirmed that yybp-ykoY is a manganese riboswitch that directly binds Mn2+[6][7]


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