Záhoří (Písek District)

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For other similarly named places, see Záhoří (disambiguation).
Location of Záhoří in the Czech Republic
Saint Michael's church

Záhoří is a village in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic. It has about 740 inhabitants. It is situated about 6 km northeast from Písek.

The village consist of two main parts: Horní Záhoří and Dolní Záhoří. Other villages which are officially part of Záhoří (in Czech Republic several villages are merged as one subject) are: Jamný, Kašina Hora, Svatonice (unlike the others Svatonice and Záhoří are nearly one urbanized area) and Třešně.

Záhoří is situated on the main road and railroad from Písek to Tábor, it has suitable connection with other parts of Písek District by bus and train. There are several shops, restaurants, church of St. Michael with cemetery and many buildings in baroque style. Most of the people are employed in Písek, smaller number of them in local agricultural business. Several tourist paths intersect in Záhoří.

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Coordinates: 49°20′37″N 14°12′46″E / 49.34361°N 14.21278°E / 49.34361; 14.21278