Záhorská Bystrica

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Záhorská Bystrica
Záhorská Bystrica čsl tankistov 71 02.jpg
Preserved peasant house in Záhorská Bystrica
Country Slovakia
Region Bratislava
District Bratislava IV
Coordinates 48°14′29″N 17°02′26″E / 48.24139°N 17.04056°E / 48.24139; 17.04056Coordinates: 48°14′29″N 17°02′26″E / 48.24139°N 17.04056°E / 48.24139; 17.04056
Area 33.298 km2 (12.856 sq mi)
Population 2,492
Density 75/km2 (194/sq mi)
Postal code 841 06
Area code +421-02
Car plate BA, BL
Location of Záhorská Bystrica in Slovakia
Location of Záhorská Bystrica in Slovakia
Location of Záhorská Bystrica in Bratislava

Záhorská Bystrica (German: Bisternitz, Hungarian: Pozsonybeszterce) is a borough of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, part of the Bratislava IV district. It is a small borough with preserved peasants' houses and more recent modern villas and estates. The first preserved written account of the settlement dates to 1208 under the name Bisztric. Croatian settlement here dates to 1520. The settlement became a part of Bratislava on January 1, 1972. The borough lies on the foothills of the Pezinok Carpahtians, part of the Little Carpathians mountain range.

Záhorská Bystrica features a baroque parish building, Roman-Catholic Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul from 1834, Chapel of Saint John of Nepomuk from 1896, Chapel of Saints Cosmas and Damian from 1839, Chapel of Virgin Mary of Lourdes from 1913 and Chapel of Saint Vendelin. The borough is home to Slovakia's major TV station, TV Markíza.

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