Zéphyr Records (Brussels)

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Zéphyr Records
Parent company Schott frères, s.p.r.l.
Founded 1978
Status Ceased 1986
Genre Classical
Country of origin Belgium
Location 26-28 Rue Ravenstein, and
30 Rue Saint-Jean

Zéphyr (Producteur phonographique) was a Belgian independent classical record label founded and owned by Schott frères, s.p.r.l. (Schott Brothers, private limited liability company), a Belgian music publishing and distributing firm. Zéphyr was based in the Brussels office of Schott frères. Schott frères had founded Zéphyr in 1978 for the purpose of showcasing instrumental works of Belgium composers, many of whom in its sheet music catalog. Since the 1960s, Schott Music had been distributing otherwise neglected recordings from catalogs of other small multinational European labels such as Harmonia Mundi, which specializes in baroque music, and WERGO, which produces contemporary music.[1]

Recording venues[edit]

Selected composers recorded[edit]

Selected discography[edit]

Z series[edit]

Catalog Album title Artist Released Library code
Z-03 Organ Music of Kerckhoven Jozef Sluys LCCN 90-750483
Z-04 Organ Music of Lemmens Jozef Sluys 1979 OCLC 7711799
Z-05 Two Centuries of Spanish Music for Two Guitars Ilse & Nicolas Alfonso 1980 OCLC 761818608, 658681302
Z-06 Organ Music Liège Jozef Sluys LCCN 89-753309
Z-07 Sax-Retro François Daneels OCLC 34365360
Z-08 Saxo-rama Elie Apper LCCN 88-752035
Z-09 Organ Works of Georg Böhm Jozef Sluys OCLC 20855709
Z-10 Organ Works of Georg Böhm Jozef Sluys OCLC 20855709
Z-11 Organ Works of Georg Böhm Jozef Sluys OCLC 20855709
Z-12 The Romantic Guitar in 18th Century Spain Gonzalez Mohino 1982 OCLC 757281208
Z-13 Three quartets for clarinet, violin, viola, & cello Ensemble Contrasts LCCN 90-751559
Z-14 Goethe Songs Josef Baert, baritone 1982 LCCN 89-753935
Z-16 Lamentationes Jeremiae prophetae Greta de Reyghere 1982 LCCN 89-754281
Z-17 Suites from 3rd Organ Book, Nivers Jozef Sluys 1982 LCCN 87-752949
Z-18 Four Quartets for Clarinet Belgium Clarinet Quartet 1982 OCLC 220341642
Z-19 Birds: German & French melodies of Mozart & Ravel Greta de Reyghere 1983 LCCN 89-751493
Z-20 Saxophone & Organ Jean-Pierre Rorive LCCN 89-753664
Z-23 Saxophone Concert François Daneels OCLC 16715188
Z-24 Guitar Duo Mirel & Michael Burton OCLC 762738944

Other labels named Zephyr[edit]

  • Zephyr Records of Hollywood, California, founded in 1956 by George Albert Hormel II (aka Geordie Hormel; 1929–2006), jazz pianist and grandson of the founder of Hormel Foods
  • Zephyr Records, a small classical label founded in 1997, based in Fort Worth, Texas, and wholly owned by Zephyr Productions Inc., both founded by in 1997 by classical pianist Ian Hobson
  • Zephyr Records of Casper, Wyoming, founded in the 1990s by American roots singer Spencer Bohren


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