Zêzere River

Coordinates: 39°28′24″N 8°20′21″W / 39.4732°N 8.3393°W / 39.4732; -8.3393
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Lago Azul on the Zêzere River, with the bridge between Vila de Rei and Ferreira do Zêzere in the background
NUTS IICentro Region, Portugal
TownsManteigas, Belmonte, Constância
Physical characteristics
Sourcenear Cântaro Magro
 • locationSerra da Estrela
 • coordinates40°19′50″N 7°35′49″W / 40.3305°N 7.5970°W / 40.3305; -7.5970
 • elevation1,900 m (6,200 ft)
MouthTagus River
 • location
 • coordinates
39°28′24″N 8°20′21″W / 39.4732°N 8.3393°W / 39.4732; -8.3393
 • elevation
20 m (66 ft)
Length214 km (133 mi)
Basin size5,043 km2 (1,947 sq mi)
Basin features
ProgressionTagusAtlantic Ocean
 • rightNabão
Tagus Basin

The Zêzere (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈzezɨɾɨ]) is a river in Portugal, tributary to the Tagus. It rises in the Serra da Estrela, near the Torre, the highest point of continental Portugal. The Zêzere runs through the town Manteigas, runs through Belmonte, passes south of the city of Covilhã and east of the town of Pedrogão Grande. It flows into the Tagus in Constância. It is the second longest river entirely within Portuguese territory (the Mondego being the longest). Its slope allows for the hydroelectric powerplants of Cabril, Bouçã and Castelo de Bode.

Zêzere seen from the Cabril Dam

Dams and Reservoirs[edit]

Beginning at the headwaters, there are 3 dams on the Zêzere:

Dam Nameplate capacity (MW) Reservoir Surface area (km²) Total capacity (Mio. m³)
Cabril 97 Cabril 20.23 720
Bouçã 50 Bouçã 5 48.4
Castelo de Bode 159 Castelo de Bode 32.91 1,095
Official nameEstrela Mountain upper Plateau and upper Zêzere River
Designated2 December 2005
Reference no.1614[1]


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