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Zöllner crater 4089 h3.jpg
Coordinates 8°00′S 18°54′E / 8.0°S 18.9°E / -8.0; 18.9Coordinates: 8°00′S 18°54′E / 8.0°S 18.9°E / -8.0; 18.9
Diameter 47 × 36 km
Depth 0.7 km
Colongitude 341° at sunrise
Eponym Johann K. F. Zöllner
Zöllner (upper left) and Kant (bottom center) from Apollo 16. NASA photo.

Zöllner is a lunar impact crater located to the west of Sinus Asperitatis, named after Johann Karl Friedrich Zöllner.[1] To the north is the smaller crater Alfraganus and to the northwest lies the oval-shaped Taylor. Southeast of Zöllner is the smaller crater Kant.

The rim of Zöllner forms an irregular oval, with the formation being longer in a north–south direction. The wall is low and worn, with a distorted, crater-like depression attached to the southeast of the rim. The narrow floor still retains a central peak.

The Apollo 16 landing site is located about 80 kilometers west-southwest of the crater rim.

Satellite craters[edit]

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Zöllner.

Zöllner Latitude Longitude Diameter
A 7.1° S 21.5° E 7 km
D 8.3° S 17.7° E 24 km
E 8.9° S 18.3° E 6 km
F 7.5° S 21.9° E 25 km
G 7.3° S 20.8° E 10 km
H 7.1° S 19.2° E 8 km
J 6.2° S 20.7° E 11 km
K 6.5° S 20.8° E 7 km


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