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Zündapp Bella
Zündapp Bella R 154 (2008-05-21) Seitenansicht ret.jpg
1958 Zündapp Bella R 154
Manufacturer Zündapp
Production 1953–1964[1][2]
Class Scooter
Engine 146 cc (8.9 cu in) or 198 cc (12.1 cu in) two-stroke, air-cooled, single; [3]
Bore / stroke 150: 57 mm × 58 mm (2.2 in × 2.3 in)
200: 64 mm × 62 mm (2.5 in × 2.4 in)[3]
Compression ratio 150: 6.7:1
200: 6.3:1[3]
Top speed 150: 50 mph (80 km/h)[1]
200: 75 mph (121 km/h)[4]
Power 150: 7.3 hp (5.4 kW) @ 4700 rpm[1]
200: 10 hp (7.5 kW) @ 5200 rpm[2]
Transmission 4 speed manual, primary chain drive, final chain drive[4]
Frame type tubular steel[2]
Suspension front: leading link, single spring on left
rear: swingarm with coil springs and dampers
Tyres 3.50" X 12" [4]
Wheelbase 51.5 in (1,308 mm)[4]
Dimensions L: 78 in (1,981 mm)[5]
W: 24 in (610 mm)[5]
Weight 150: 302 lb (137 kg)
200: 322 lb (146 kg)[4] (dry)

The Zündapp Bella is a motor scooter manufactured by motorcycle manufacturer Zündapp from 1953 to 1964.[1][2] Approximately 130,000 Bella scooters were sold, with engine sizes ranging from 150 cc to 200 cc.[1]

The design of the Bella was heavily influenced by that of the Parilla Levriere, also known as the Parilla Greyhound.[6][7] Along with being similar in general appearance, both designs have prominent air tunnels along the centreline of the scooter to allow fresh air to cool the engine without a fan.[2][6]

Early Bella with kick starter and telescopic fork

As introduced in 1953, the Bella had a 146 cc[3] two-stroke single cylinder engine,[1][3] 12 inch wheels,[4] 6 V electrics, a kick starter, and an undamped telescopic fork.[citation needed] The fuel tank was mounted under the seat.[6]

A version of the Bella called the Suburbanette was made for the United States market from 1953 to 1954.[8] The Suburbanette was stripped of the body panels enclosing the engine.[9] 370 Suburbanettes were sold.[8] An export version of the last 150cc Bella, the R154K (K for kickstarter), with higher "Western" (buckhorn) bars and no dynastarter, came to the United States in the later 1950s.[10]

A 197 cc (12.0 cu in) engine producing 10 hp (7.5 kW) became available in May 1954.[1] The front suspension was later changed from a telescopic fork to an Earles-type leading link fork with a single suspension unit on left side of the fork.[2] Later Bella scooters also had 12 V electricals[4] powered by two 6 V batteries.[citation needed] Electric starters also became available on the Bella.[4]

The Bella was imported into the United Kingdom by Ambassador Motorcycles,[6] and into the United States by International Motorcycle Company.[5][9]

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