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There are fourteen historical Zünfte (guilds, singular Zunft) of Zürich, under the system established in 1336 with the "guild revolution" of Rudolf Brun. They are the 13 guilds that predated 1336, plus the Gesellschaft zur Constaffel, originally consisting of the city's nobles.

Guilds founded in 1336[edit]

There have been two mergers of historical guilds since, so that there are 12 contemporary Zünfte continuing the medieval guilds:

Name Coat of arms Description Guild house Website
Gesellschaft zur Constaffel Originally members of the nobility. From 6 December 1490 ("Constaffelbrief") until 1798, all adult Zürich citizens (including women), not belonging to another guild. Haus zum Rüden
Zunft zur Saffran Originally merchants of textiles and spices Zunfthaus zur Saffran
Zunft zur Meisen Originally innkeepers, saddle makers and painters [1] Zunfthaus zur Meisen
Zunft zur Schmiden Originally blacksmiths, silver- and goldsmiths, clockmakers and physicians Zunfthaus Zur Schmiden
Zunft zum Weggen Originally bakers and millers Restaurant Weisser Wind Website
Vereinigte Zünfte zur Gerwe und zur Schuhmachern Formerly two guilds, tanners and shoemakers, united in 1877 Hotel Savoy Website
Zunft zum Widder Originally butchers and cattle merchants Widder Hotel
Zunft zur Zimmerleuten Originally carpenters, builders, wainmakers Zunfthaus zur Zimmerleuten
Zunft zur Schneidern Originally tailors Zunfthaus Zum Königstuhl
Zunft zur Schiffleuten Originally fishermen and boatmen Hotel zum Storchen
Zunft zum Kämbel Originally food dealers, wine merchants Zunfthaus zur Haue
Zunft zur Waag Two separate guilds, the linen weavers (Zunft der Leinenweber) and the wool weavers (Zunft der Wollweber), united in 1440. The new guild took the name of its house and became the Zunft zur Waag (= balance). Since then it brought together the wool and linen weavers, the hatters and the linen merchants Zunfthaus zur Waag

19th century guilds[edit]

In the 19th century, with the expansion of Zürich, incorporating various formerly separate villages, a number of new "guilds" were established to represent these. By this time the old guilds had ceased to be tied to specific trades and had acquired a mostly folkloristic and societal function, uniting the upper strata of old and well-to-do clans of Zürich and Ägeri.

Coats of arms Description Founded in Guild house Website
Stadtzunft Guild of the City of Zürich (Altstadt) 1867 Hotel Marriott (Zunftstube) Website
Zunft Riesbach Guild of Riesbach quarter 1887 Restaurant Zum Grünen Glas Website
Zunft Fluntern Guild of Fluntern quarter 1895 Kunsthaus Restaurant while Sechseläuten Website
Zunft zu den Drei Königen Guild of Enge quarter 1897 Kongresshaus, Dreikönigsaal
Zunft Hottingen Guild of Hottingen quarter 1897 Zunfthaus Am Neumarkt
Zunft zu Wiedikon Guild of Wiedikon quarter 1897 Gasthof zum Falken/Falcone Website
Zunft Wollishofen Guild of Wollishofen quarter 1900 Restaurant Belvoirpark
Zunft Hard Guild of the Aussersihl and Hard quarters 1922 Restaurant Werdguet Website
Zunft Oberstrass Guild of Oberstrass quarter 1925 Taverne zur Linde Website
Zunft St. Niklaus Guild of the Affoltern, Oerlikon and Seebach quarters 1933 Restaurant Carlton Website
Zunft Höngg Guild of Höngg quarter 1934 Restaurant Mülihalde/Desperado Website
Zunft zur Letzi Guild of the Altstetten and Albisrieden quarters 1934 Restaurant Letzistube / Zum Turm Website
Zunft Schwamendingen Guild of Schwamendingen quarter 1975 Gasthof Hirschen,
Hotel Glockenhof while Sechseläuten
Zunft Witikon Guild of Witikon quarter 1980 Restaurant Elefant (Zunftstube),
Hotel Schweizerhof while Sechseläuten

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