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The Zürcher Theater Spektakel (Zürich Theatre Spectacle) is an international theatre and performing arts festival, held annually each summer in Zürich, Switzerland. First held in 1980,[1] the festival invites 20-25 different performing arts groups and artists from around the world to take part each year.[2] The event began in a much smaller form as an annual international meeting of independent theatre groups, before emerging as a much larger cultural event in Switzerland.[3] Currently, five separate locations are used as venues for the festival,[4] of which the largest is the Landiwiese venue.[5] The Landiwiese venue and the so-called Saffa-Insel are located by Lake Zurich in the Wollishofen quarter, District 2, and features numerous open-air shows.[1][5]

The most recent event was held from the 6th to 23 August 2015,[6] The next festival was scheduled to be held between 19 August to 5 September 2010,[7] and will have a special focus on Asia.[8]



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