Zürich Hardbrücke railway station

Coordinates: 47°23′07″N 8°31′02″E / 47.38514°N 8.51717°E / 47.38514; 8.51717
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Zürich Hardbrücke
Central pass-through railway station
Zürich Hardbrücke station before it was rebuilt in 2017
General information
CH-8004/5 Zürich
Coordinates47°23′07″N 8°31′02″E / 47.38514°N 8.51717°E / 47.38514; 8.51717
Elevation406 m (1,332 ft)
Owned bySBB CFF FFS (Swiss Federal Railways)
Operated bySBB CFF FFS
Tracks5 (German: Gleis)
ConnectionsZVV: Bhf. Hardbrücke
VBZ tram 8
VBZ trolley buses 33 72 and bus 83
A direct S-Bahn line S16 every half an hour to/from Zürich Flughafen in 0:11h and several other connections with one change
Structure typeat-grade
Platform levels1 (3 passenger levels)
Parkingpresent under the bridge, north to the station (limited)
Bicycle facilitiespresent, both under and on top of Hardbrücke bridge
Other information
Fare zoneZVV: 110
WebsiteBahnhof Zürich Hardbrücke
Rebuilt1990, 2017
201859,700 per working day[1]
Rank11 of 1735
Preceding station Zürich S-Bahn Following station
Zürich Oerlikon
towards Bülach
S3 Zürich Hauptbahnhof
towards Wetzikon
Zürich Altstetten
towards Zug
S5 Zürich Hauptbahnhof
Zürich Oerlikon
towards Baden
S6 Zürich Hauptbahnhof
towards Uetikon
Zürich Oerlikon
towards Winterthur
S7 Zürich Hauptbahnhof
towards Rapperswil
Zürich Oerlikon
towards Schaffhausen
S9 Zürich Hauptbahnhof
towards Uster
Zürich Altstetten
towards Aarau
S11 Zürich Hauptbahnhof
towards Seuzach or Wila
Zürich Altstetten
towards Brugg AG
S12 Zürich Hauptbahnhof
towards Schaffhausen or Wil
Zürich Oerlikon S15 Zürich Hauptbahnhof
towards Rapperswil
Zürich Oerlikon S16 Zürich Hauptbahnhof
Terminus S20 Zürich Hauptbahnhof
towards Uerikon
Zürich Oerlikon S21 Zürich Hauptbahnhof
Zürich Hardbrücke is located in Switzerland
Zürich Hardbrücke
Zürich Hardbrücke
Location in Switzerland

Zürich Hardbrücke railway station (German: Bahnhof Zürich Hardbrücke) is a railway station in the central part of the Swiss city of Zürich. It is situated below Hardbrücke, a road bridge that lends its name to the station.[2][3] Hardbrücke station is only 1.9 kilometres (1.2 mi) away from Zürich HB (main station) and situated near the business and entertainment district Zürich West, next to the Prime Tower.


The station was opened in 1982, with the provision of platforms on the line to Zürich Oerlikon (via Käferberg Tunnel). In 1990, in line with the introduction of the S-Bahn scheme, it was expanded to include platforms on the line to Zürich Altstetten.[4] In conjunction with the extension of tram route 8 from Hardplatz over Hardbrücke to Hardturm in 2017, the station was partly rebuilt and platforms 2 and 3 were renewed.

Layout and facilities[edit]

The station sits in the approach to Zürich Hauptbahnhof (Zürich HB), Zürich's main station, on the Zürich–Baden line near its junction with the Käferberg Tunnel variant of the Zürich–Winterthur line, and to the north of the through tracks that carry long-distance passenger and occasional freight trains. It lies below the Hardbrücke, a road bridge that crosses the rail tracks and forms an important north–south connection within the city. The station has two side platforms and a central island platform served by four tracks, with the two inner tracks on the line to Zürich Oerlikon via the Käferberg Tunnel, and the two outer tracks on the line to Zürich Altstetten. The line to Oerlikon is sloped and at a higher level, and thus the platforms are not all at the same level.[2][3]

Access to the station's platforms is either from the Hardbrücke bridge or an underpass. The bridge has station entrances and exits on either side, with separate access to and from all platforms. The entrance to the underpass is to the north of the station, below the bridge and adjacent to the bicycle and car parking. Access to all platforms from both the bridge and the underpass is through stairs and elevators. The station's underpass has a kiosk and a small supermarket.

The station is connected to the municipal tram and bus network. Zürich trolleybus routes 33, 72 and Zürich bus route 83, and since December 2017[5][6][7] tram route 8 serve the adjacent stop above on the bridge, called Bahnhof Hardbrücke.[8] All routes are operated by VBZ.


The station is a major node in the Zürich S-Bahn system. It is served by eleven regional railway lines of this S-Bahn system: S3, S5, S6, S7, S9, S11, S12, S15, S16, S20, and S21. Eastward, all trains from Hardbrücke station operate via low-level platforms 41–44 at Hauptbahnhof, continuing to Stadelhofen station through the Hirschengraben Tunnel. They provide, for most of the day, 16 trains per hour (tph) to or from both of these two inner-city stations.[2][3][9] In westward direction, trains continue to Zürich Oerlikon and Zürich Altstetten, respectively.

Other stations served include:[3][9]


Summary of all regional train services by Zürich S-Bahn at Zürich Hardbrücke:

During weekends, there are five nighttime S-Bahn services (SN1, SN5, SN6, SN7, SN9) calling at Hardbrücke station, offered by ZVV:[10][11]



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