Zürich thaler

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Zürich thaler
MONETA REIPUBLICÆ TIGURINÆ, oval city coat-of-arms supported by lions rampant DOMINI CONSERVA NOS IN PACE, aerial view of city

The Thaler was the currency of Zürich until 1798. It was subdivided into 2 Gulden, each of 36 Schillinge, with the Schilling divided into 4 Rappen or 12 Haller. It was replaced by the Frank of the Helvetian Republic in 1798. This was, in turn, replaced by the Zürich Frank. The thaler was worth 111 of a Cologne mark.


Thalers, with Doppelthalers and halbe Thalers, were minted in Zürich first in the 16th century. First dated coins are Guldiners minted in 1512.

In the late 18th century, silver coins were issued in denominations of 5 and 20 Schillinge, 12 and 1 Thaler.


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