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Zürichsee-Fähre Horgen-Meilen AG
Joint-stock company
Area served
Lake Zurich
The Horgen ferry terminal, with Schwan, Meilen and Horgen alongside.
The Meilen ferry terminal, as seen from a ferry just about to depart.

The Zürichsee-Fähre Horgen–Meilen, or Horgen–Meilen Lake Zurich ferry, is a Swiss car ferry that operates across Lake Zurich between the lakeside towns of Horgen and Meilen. The ferry route is situated 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) south of the city of Zurich, and the ferry avoids a round trip by road of some 30 kilometres (19 mi) by road via that city.[1][2]


The company was founded in 1932, with operation commencing in November 1933. Initially the service was run with the single ferry Schwan, built for the opening, and providing a half-hourly service. Service was suspended between 1942 and 1946, as a consequence of Second World War. From 1946, the ferry was reintroduced with an hourly service.[3]

Over time, demand rose so that a continuous shuttle operation had to be introduced. In 1968 a replacement vessel, also known as Schwan, was launched and took over the service, providing a half-hourly service. Over the next 35 years, four further ferries were constructed, allowing a more frequent service to be provided.[3]

In 1973 a new approach to the Horgen ferry terminal was constructed, with a bridge over the lakeside railway line, allowing the previously used level crossing to be closed.[3]


On the Horgen side of the lake, the ferries operate from a ferry terminal with its own road-bridge across the lakeside railway line, and some 600 metres (2,000 ft) on foot along the lakeside promenade from Horgen railway station. On the Meilen side of the lake, the ferries operate from a ferry terminal on Seestrasse, a similar distance from Meilen railway station.

Ferries operate from early morning to late evening. Ferries operate every 10 minutes throughout the day, with frequencies increasing to every 6 or 7 minutes in peak periods. The crossing time is 10 minutes.[4]

In 2011, 69,950 ferry crossings were operated, carrying in total 2,192,175 people, 1,226,540 cars and 99,470 trucks.[5]


The ferry service is operated with a fleet of five motor ferries:[1]

Name Length Width Cars Passengers Builder Built in Image
Schwan 45.9 metres (151 ft) 13 metres (43 ft) 36 300 Bodan-Werft GmbH 1969 (rebuilt 1999) Zürichseefähre Meilen-Horgen - 002.jpg
Meilen 48.5 metres (159 ft) 12.2 metres (40 ft) 40 300 Bodan-Werft GmbH 1979 FS Meilen.jpg
Horgen 49.5 metres (162 ft) 13 metres (43 ft) 40 300 Bodan-Werft GmbH 1991 FS Horgen - Horgen - Zürichsee 2010-08-13 17-39-22.JPG
Zürisee 55 metres (180 ft) 13 metres (43 ft) 44 300 Bodan-Werft GmbH 1999 FS Zürisee - Meilen - Pfannenstiel - ZSG Stadt Rapperswil 2010-09-18 17-17-54.JPG
Burg 55 metres (180 ft) 13 metres (43 ft) 44 300 Bodan-Werft GmbH 2003 FS Zürisee - Halbinsel Au - ZSG 'Limmat' 2011-04-24 19-33-24.JPG

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