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Z-URC is combination of Z-Wave and universal remote controls. This allows users to not only enable their consumer electronics but their home automated devices as well.[1]


Z-Wave is a low power RF wireless solution to home electronics that uses mesh networking technology.[2] It is a technology that allows users to send signals at a sub-gigahertz level that avoids any interference from normal obstructions such as a router.[1] The normal maximum range is 300 ft. for a single device however depending on the number of Z-Wave enabled devices the range is endless since this technology works by relaying the commands through any of the Z-Wave enabled devices (i.e. light switches, remotes, thermostats, etc.) until it reaches its destination.[1] Users also can check the status of the Z-Wave enabled device, and receive confirmation that the device has received the user's commands.[3]

Universal Remote Control[edit]

Universal Remote Control (URC) is a remote control that can be programmed to operate many consumer electronics such as a user's TV, DVD Player, home theater systems, speakers, projectors, cable boxes, DVRs, DSS receivers, etc. Therefore, a user can have one remote for all their electronics at home (depending if the URC is 16-in-1, 8-in-1, 2-in-1, etc.)


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