Z1 Android Watch-Phone

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Z1 Android Watch-Phone
Z1-Android Watch-Phone.jpg
Manufacturer in China
Compatible networks 2GSM network: GSM 850/900/1800/1900
Availability by country January 2, 2012
Type Watch Phone
Dimensions 64 × 42 × 14.5 mm
Weight 160 g
Operating system Android 2.2
CPU MediaTek (MTK) MT6516 CPU @ 416MHz
Memory 256MB RAM
Removable storage 8 GB; supports up to 16GB
Battery 800 mAh (300ma?)
Data inputs Capacitive Touchscreen
Display 2.0" inch
Rear camera 2.0 MP photo/video
Connectivity Bluetooth 2.0 (voice, stereo), USB

The Z1 Android Watch-Phone is an unlocked GSM quad-band watch phone.

It uses the Google Android version 2.2, giving it access to many of the apps and games from the Google Play.

The MTK MT6516 used in this device has its main Core Speed clocked at 416 MHz which may be increased within a reasonable limit by applications designed for this purpose. The device is sold with Super User Privileges (rooted), therefore this feature is available as default. The MT6516 contains dedicated circuitry to speed up 3D Graphics (3.7M Triangles/Sec).

The Watch-Phone has a Transflective liquid-crystal display Capacitive Touch screen, a Wi-Fi web browser, a 2.0 MP camera, a G-Sensor, a multimedia player and recorder for music (mp3) and video (mp4), and an internal GPS antenna that supports satellite navigation.[1][2]

Micro SD cards of up to 16GB are supported (Swappable internally after removing the battery). One of the wrist bands ends has a USB connector that can connect to a computer so that the internal swappable SD card can be recognized as a mass storage device for file management. The wrist band USB connector is also used for charging the battery.

USB wrist band of the Z1

As a phone it can operate in a hands free manner with its built in microphone and speaker, it can also be used in conjunction with a Bluetooth headset. Its Bluetooth functionality also supports Stereo Bluetooth for wireless music playback and making calls. It offers a talk-time of up to five hours and up to 5 days on standby.


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