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ZAPiT Games, Inc.
Founded Mississauga, Canada, (2003)
Headquarters Mississauga, Canada
Products Game Wave Family Entertainment System
Website ZAPiT Games

ZAPiT Games, Inc. was a company based in Mississauga, Canada. It was formed in 2003 to create a family oriented video game console.[1] To that goal, it partnered with companies such as National Semiconductor, Panasonic and Altera to create the Game Wave Family Entertainment System.[1]

ZAPiT Games also produces games for the BlackBerry and iPhone.

Game Wave Family Entertainment System[edit]

The Game Wave Family Entertainment System is hybrid DVD player and video game console of the seventh generation of video game consoles and was first released on October 2005.[2] The games on the system are trivia based or video variants of traditional board or card games.[3]


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