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Manufacturer Z Electric Vehicle (ZEV)
Production 2013–
Class Electric scooter
Top speed 130 km/h (81 mph)
Power 15 kW (20 hp) peak, 10 kW (13 hp) continuous power. Motor rated to 15 kW.
Fuel capacity Range of 225 km / 140 miles at 55 mph to 129 km / 80 miles at 70 mph

The ZEV10 LRC is a two-wheeler electric scooter manufactured by Z Electric Vehicle (ZEV). ZEV positions the bike as a long range commuter, and states that it is the world's longest range and fastest production motor scooter.[1][2][3]


Specifications in infobox are as claimed by ZEV.[4]

Cost of ownership[edit]

Life cycle cost analysis by ZEV customers indicate that it costs approximately 60% less to drive a ZEV than to drive a gasoline fueled scooter of equal performance and cost to the ZEV electric if the bike is driven to the point of battery replacement. These customers report full costs not including depreciation of 12 cents/mile.[better source needed][3] Fuel costs on test bikes show fuel costs run about $.0127/mile or about $127 per 10,000 miles in the Ohio/WV/Pa area of the USA. With the large battery capacity, the need to even charge more than one time a day is generally eliminated.[5][better source needed][3]


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