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ZGameEditor, also referred to as ZGE, is a game development system written by Ville Krumlinde in the Free Pascal programming language and CodeGear Delphi. The first public version was released on Feb 1, 2007. The current non-beta version is 3.0.0.[1][2]

The Integrated Development Environment runs under Windows, however the created games can also be built to run on Linux, Android and Mac OS X systems, as well as Windows. ZGameEditor is designed to make small and efficient game and multimedia applications, full productions are possible with a stand-alone executable file size of less than 64 kilobytes. There are however no imposed limits on file size. ZGE is a component based system, where all available functions are organized into simple components, that are added to build up a full project. The editor includes a real-time preview for viewing game assets, as well as testing, and debugging.[3]

Components include Steering Behaviors for AI implementation of autonomous character movements, application and model states, various collision detection methods, as well as file reading and writing, among others.[4]

3D Rendering is done with OpenGL, and supports GLSL Vertex and Fragment shaders.,[5] Procedural generation of game content is supported and encouraged in the editor/engine and by the ZGE online community.

The sound system is custom and is based on real-time sound synthesis and supports RAW samples as well.

ZGE is free and open source (FOSS) software, licensed under the MIT License.[6][7]

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