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Zip, Zips or ZIP may refer to:

Common uses[edit]

  • ZIP Code, the USPS Zone Improvement Plan used in postal addresses in the United States
  • Zipper or zip, a device for temporarily joining two edges of fabric together


  • Žíp, a village in Slovakia
  • Spiš, a region of Slovakia and Poland spelled Zips in German
  • Zip City, Alabama, U.S., an unincorporated community


  • John Zip Collins (1892–1983), American Major League Baseball player
  • John Connolly (FBI) (born 1940), former FBI agent convicted of second-degree murder and other crimes, nicknamed "Zip" by Whitey Bulger
  • Elzaphan Zip Hanna (1916–2001), American National Football League player
  • Tom Prichard (born 1959), professional wrestler who uses the ring name Zip
  • George Zip Zabel (1891–1970), American Major League Baseball player
  • Bohdan Zip (1929–2017), Canadian former politician
  • Zip the Pinhead, circus freak show performer born William Johnson (1842?–1926)

Arts, entertainment, and media[edit]

  • Zip (game), a children's or party game
  • Zip (roller coaster), a roller coaster which operated at Oaks Amusement Park
  • Zip (TUGS), a character in the children's television series TUGS
  • Zip, a recurring character in the Tomb Raider video game series
  • Zip, the vertical line in works by artist Barnett Newman
  • Zip, a band formed by Pete Shelley
  • Zip, in the children's or party card game Zip and bong
  • Zip, the Dodger, a 1914 film starring Fatty Arbuckle
  • "Zip, Zip, Zip", an episode of the TV series How I Met Your Mother
  • Zip Comics, an American anthology comic book series published from 1940 to 1944
  • ZIP FM, a commercial radio station broadcasting from Vilnius, Lithuania
  • ZIP Magazine, a weekly men's magazine published in the United Kingdom
  • ZIP-Zeta Interacting Protein, a fictional amnestic drug featured in the Blindspot television series

Brands and enterprises[edit]



  • Zip, a slang term for speed
  • Zip, slang term for zero
  • Zips, a derogatory slang term for Italian-American or Sicilian-American mobsters

Other uses[edit]

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