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This is a listing of discography from the group ZOEgirl.

ZOEgirl discography
Studio albums 4
Compilation albums 5
Video albums 2
Music videos 3
Singles 17


Remix album[edit]

Remixes of two other ZOEgirl songs can be found on the Life single

Compilation albums[edit]

Karaoke albums[edit]


Year Single US Christian AU Album
2000 "I Believe" 4 ZOEgirl
"Anything Is Possible" 8 17
"Living For You" 4
2001 "No You"
"With All Of My Heart" 1 3 2 Life
2002 "Here and Now" 13
"Even If" 8
"Plain" 23
2003 "Dismissed" 2
"You Get Me" 2 1 13 Different Kind of Free
"Feel Alright"
2004 "Beautiful Name" 7 5 12
2005 "About You" 5 4 2 Room to Breathe
"Scream" 14 40 5
2006 "Unchangeable" 20 27 8 With All of My Heart - The Greatest Hits

Non-Album Songs & Contributions[edit]

In popular media[edit]

Video games[edit]

ZOEgirl has a total of nine songs which appear in rhythm games. Seven of them can be found in Digital Praise titles: six in the Dance Praise series, and one in Guitar Praise Expansion Pack 1:

Song Title Song Album Game/Expansion Pack
"I Believe" ZOEgirl Original Dance Praise
"Dismissed" Life
"Plain" Guitar Praise Expansion Pack 1
"Even If" Modern Worship
"Beautiful Name" Different Kind of Free
"You Get Me" Pop & Rock Hits
"About You" Room to Breathe Dance Praise 2: The ReMix

ZOEgirl songs were also used in Heavenly Harmony Gold and JAMband. The former is a karaoke game, while the latter adds support for band-like gameplay using guitar, bass and drum instrument controllers. "I Believe", "Beautiful Name", "You Get Me", "Safe" and "Scream" are some of the songs used in the games.