ZTE ZXR10-Series

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ZTE ZXR10-Series
Date invented 2001
Manufacturer ZTE
Type Network Router
Processor Internet Processor

ZTE ZXR10 series[1] is a series of Network Routers designed and manufactured by ZTE. The ZXR10 Series router family comprises the T8000, M6000, T1200, and T600.

Core Router[edit]


ZXR10 T8000 is the typical Cluster Core Router, with the largest switching capacity in the world. T8000 cluster will support high-speed network access to more than 1 million users simultaneously. ISPs should benefit from less expensive, higher-capacity broadband Internet infrastructure.[2][3]


ZXR10 M6000 is the first "Reconfigurable" router in the industry introduced by ZTE. By realizing reconfigurable service, hardware and software, it is the optimal device for IP/MPLS network, which completely satisfies the increasing network development and service diversification.[4]

Broadband Multi-service Router[edit]


ZXR10 T1200/T600, two models of reconfigurable carrier-class BMSG product made by ZTE, provide both SR and BRAS services on the same hardware platform. Featuring sound reconfigurable services, ZXR10 T1200/T600 are able to meet user’s different requirements in different network construction stages.[5]


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