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ZTreeWin v.2.1.JPG
ZTreeWin 1.71
Original author(s) Kim Henkel
Developer(s) Zedtek Inc.
Stable release
2.2 / 2011 March 1
Development status Active
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Available in English
Type File manager
License Proprietary
Website www.ztree.com

ZTreeWin, an orthodox file manager for Microsoft Windows, is a (heavily improved) clone of XTree. Like XTree, it logs (preloads) filenames and attributes into memory so that search and sort operations are extremely fast. By making use of the large memories of modern computers it allows the logging of millions of files.

ZTreeWin makes use of Win32 consoles. It is primarily key-driven, but it also supports the use of the mouse.

The ZAAP architecture is available which supports the integration of add-in applications.


  • Complete keyboard support (as well as mouse)
  • Tree and/or file views
  • Split screen (dual-pane) option
  • Find-as-you-type search
  • File name search
  • File content search (hex, unicode, text)
  • File viewer with multiple view modes (hex, text, dump)
  • Set, adjust or increment timestamps (camera co-ordination)
  • Duplicate file detection
  • Branch (or 'flat') file view - see all files in an entire directory and subdirectories in one view
  • Global files view - see all files (or tagged files) on every logged drive
  • Tagged files (session-long selection, e.g. once tagged (selected), a file remains tagged until explicitly untagged)
  • Batch file creation using tagged filenames with parameters
  • Displays size or number of files of each folder or branch (total of all folders below it)
  • Powerful and flexible renaming of (multiple) files and/or folders w/search & replace & numeric increment capabilities.
  • File comparison
  • Directory & Branch comparisons
  • User-definable scriptable menu
  • Integrated support for Zip and Rar archive files
  • Extensible support for many other archive files
  • Can be run from floppy disk or USB flash-drive without installation
  • Session save & resume
  • Ability to NOT log (skip) certain directories that you never want to see with wildcard abilities (can override)

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