ZUUS Latino

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ZUUS Latino
Type Broadcast television network
Country United States
Availability Defunct
Owner ZUUS Media
Launch date
November 2013
Official website

ZUUS Latino was an American digital broadcast television network that was owned by Zuus Media. The network specialized in broadcasting Spanish music videos; its playlist of videos extended from the 1990s through the present day. The network also aired occasional informercials in prime time and other high-dollar day parts.

The network began dropping affiliates due to financial distress or due to contract conflicts with local affiliates.[citation needed] ZUUS Media decided to shut down and cease operations of ZUUS Latino in January 2016.

Former affiliates[edit]

The following list is of all of the former affiliates that carried ZUUS Latino from its launch in November 2013, until its closure in January 2016.[1]

Chan Callsign Market Operator Notes
28.01 KFTL San Francisco, California LocusPoint Networks Replaced with Chinese programming
27.3 WUNI Boston, Massachusetts Entravision Currently silent
47.3 WMDO Washington, D.C.
49.7 KSAO Sacramento, California Cocola Broadcasting Replaced with The Family Channel
62.3 WVEA Tampa, Florida Entravision Currently silent
29.4 WRCF Orlando, Florida LocusPoint Networks Replaced with The Country Network
39.4 KMSG Fresno, California Cocola Broadcasting Currently silent
41.4 KLUZ Albuquerque, New Mexico Entravision
65.3 KTFN El Paso, Texas
67.4 KSMS Monterey, California
38.4 KPMR Santa Barbara, California
49.4 KZAK Boise, Idaho Cocola Broadcasting
46.2 KRNS Reno, Nevada Entravision
28.4 KORO Corpus Christi, Texas
18.2 KUPB Odessa, Texas Replaced with LATV
7.3 KVYE Yuma, Arizona Currently silent
27.3 KLDO Laredo, Texas


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