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ZY series UAV
Role UAV
National origin China
Manufacturer Zhan-Yi Aviation Technology Co., Ltd.
Status In service
Primary user China

ZY UAV is a series of Chinese UAV developed by Xi'an Zhan-Yi (meaning Spreading Wing) Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. (ZYAT, 西安展翼航空科技有限公司), and ZY-I has entered service with Chinese aurthorities and private enterprises. ZY-I is in twin-boom configuration and the propulsion is provided by a two-blade propeller driven by a pusher engine mounted in the rear end of the fuselage. The two rudders of ZY-I is joined near the top, instead of at the root or at the booms, as in most twin boom configuration. Production of ZY-I is not done by ZYAT alone, as some productions are contracted out to other original equipment manufacturers.[1]Specification:[2]

  • Operating altitude: 50 – 5000 m
  • Navigational accuracy: 10 m
  • Speed: 70 – 220 km
  • Payload: 2 – 50 kg
  • Launch: conventional takeoff or catapult
  • Recovery: conventional landing or parachute

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