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The ZYPAD WL 1000
Manufacturer Eurotech / Parvus
Type Smartwatch, PDA
Release date 2006
Introductory price ~$2000
Operating system Windows CE 5.0 or Linux Kernel 2.6
CPU AU 1100 @ 400MHz[1]
Memory Up to 64 MB RAM
Storage Up to 64 MB Flash
Display 320x240 (1/4 VGA) 256K Color 3.5" TFT
Connectivity GPS, USB, IRDA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
Power 3.6 V 2200 mAh Li-Ion (4 hour charge)
Weight 7 ounces (290g)
Successor ZYPAD WR 11XX

The ZYPAD is a PDA designed to be worn on a user's wrist like a bracer and offers interface port features similar to laptop computer.[2] It was developed by Parvus, a military contractor, and Eurotech.[3] It is arguable whether it qualifies as a watch, but it is referred to as a "Wrist Worn PC". It is able to run either Linux or Windows CE, and can sense motion, allowing such possibilities of use such as going into standby mode when a user lowers his/her arm. It can determine its position by dead reckoning as well as via GPS. It supports Bluetooth, IrDA, and WiFi.[2]

The ZYPAD debuted in 2006 and the ZYPAD WL 1000 was the first marketed device, followed by the WL 1100.[4][5] Initial retail prices were set to be around $2000.[6] The Zypad WR1100 debuted in 2008 and features housing made out of high strength fiberglass-reinforced nylon-magnesium alloy and a biometric fingerprint scanner.[7]

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