Three for Happiness

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Three for Happiness
Za srecu je potrebno troje DVD cover.jpg
Za srecu je potrebno troje DVD cover
Za sreću je potrebno troje
Directed by Rajko Grlić
Produced by Sulejman Kapić
Written by Rajko Grlić
Dubravka Ugrešić
Starring Mira Furlan
Miki Manojlović
Dubravka Ostojić
Bogdan Diklić
Vanja Drach
Music by Bodan Arsovski
Vlatko Stefanovski
Cinematography Živko Zalar
Edited by Živka Toplak
Centar Film
Jadran Film
Release date
Running time
100 minutes
Country Yugoslavia
Language Serbo-Croatian

Three for Happiness (a.k.a. Three's Happiness) (Croatian: Za sreću je potrebno troje) is a 1985 Croatian romantic drama film directed by Rajko Grlić.[1]


A man (Miki Manojlović) is forced by poverty and desperation to use a children's plastic gun to rob a small bank and gets captured. Three years later, he is released from prison and meets two women who will determine his fate.



The film won the FIPRESCI, Grand Prix and the Peter Karsten award for 'Best Script' by the International Federation of Film Critics for Rajko Grlić at the 1986 Valencia Festival of Mediterranean Cinema. It also won the Grand Prix at the Salso Film Festival in Italy, and many awards from Yugoslavian film festivals, including the Golden Arena for Scenography at the 1986 Pula Film Festival.[2] The film was distributed in 14 countries.[3]

Croatian film historian Ivo Škrabalo compared Three for Happiness unfavorably to Grlić's earlier works, noting more simplistic direction and failure to fulfill the genre's determinants. Škrabalo also remarked that the film steers clear of a more pronounced social criticism, limiting itself to showing contrast between social backgrounds.[2]

Eleanor Mannikka of All Movie Guide wrote that the film "is an amusing and enjoyable romantic comedy buoyed by witty dialogue."[4]


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