Zaaman Rul

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Zaaman Rul
Game background
Title(s) Prince of Good Fire Creatures, The Flame of Purity, Resilient Ember
Home plane Elemental Plane of Fire
Power level Archomental
Alignment Neutral Good
Portfolio Good-Aligned Fire Elementals and Fire Creatures
Domains Courage, Fire, Good
Design details

Zaaman Rul is an archomental in the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game.

Publication history[edit]

Zaaman Rul first appeared with the good archomentals in the second edition book Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix III (1998).[1]

Zaaman Rul appeared with the good archomentals in the third edition in Dragon #353 (March 2007).[2]


Zaaman Rul is an Archomental, the Elemental Prince of Good Fire. With an army of fire elementals, azer, fire mephits, rasts, rebel efreet, phoenixes, phoelarchs, fire monoliths, fire genasi, and phoeras at his call, Zaaman Rul is a powerful elemental lord. He appears as a 10-foot-tall red-skinned humanoid with long black hair and black eyes. For all his power, knowledge, and wisdom, he is the weakest and youngest of the Elemental Princes of Good and he knows it. The majority of his worshippers on the Prime Material Plane among the humanoid races tend to be bonded summoners, druids, fire elemental savants, pyrokineticists, and fire shugenjas.


Zaaman Rul is the son of Imix (his mother is thought to be the now-dead Bristia Pel), and once tried to overthrow his father. His armies were soundly defeated. Zaaman has learned the terrible price of overconfidence, but has not given up. Someday, he swears, Imix will be defeated - but next time they meet, Zaaman will be better prepared.

The Court of Stars has ties with a powerful brass dragon called Ronothere, who is also allied with Zaaman Rul. As a result, Morwel has sent hosts of asuras, monadic devas, and firre eladrins to Zaaman Rul's aid.

The Prince of Good Fire Creatures also has alliances with the archon lord Raziel and the azer king Amaimon.



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