ZacUP Skyrace del Grignone

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ZacUP Skyrace del Grignone
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LocationItaly Grigna
Event typeSkyRace
Distance27.5 km / 2,650 m
Official siteZacUP Skyrace del Grignone

The ZacUP Skyrace del Grignone (also known as Sentiero delle Grigne), is an international skyrunning competition held for the first time in 2013. It runs every year along the mountain path of the Grigna (Italy) in September.

Previously this race, for eleven editions from 2002 to 2012, was called the Sentiero delle Grigne (43km / 3,200m D +), and was the race of the Skyrunner World Series circuit. ZacUP is the heir, shorter and less demanding, still keeping the spirit of the previous, so much to award the Trofeo Scaccabarozzi (the full name of the race was in fact the Trofeo Scaccabarozzi-Sentiero delle Grigne) to transit on the Grand Prize of mountain in the summit of the Grigna (2410 m).[1]

ZacUP Skyrace del Grignone[edit]

Year Date Men's winner Women's winner
2013 22 September Italy Franco Sancassani Italy Chiara Gianola
2014 21 September Italy Marco De Gasperi Italy Elisa Desco
2015 20 September Italy Daniel Antonioli Italy Debora Cardone
2016 18 September Italy Daniel Antonioli Romania Denisa Dragomir
2017 17 September Italy Daniel Antonioli Romania Denisa Dragomir
2018 16 September Rwanda Jean Baptiste Simukeka Rwanda Primitive Niyirora

Sentiero delle Grigne[edit]

Year Category 1st 2nd 3rd
2002 Men Italy Massimo Colombo 5.07.46 Italy Gian Marco Bagini 5.09.25 Italy Mario Poletti 5.18.03
Women Italy Corinne Favre 5.56.06 Italy Francesca Bentivoglio 6.24.38 Italy Giovanna Cavalli 6.31.57
2003 Men Italy Mario Poletti 5.03.39 Italy Massimo Colombo 5.08.24 Italy Fabio Bonfanti 5.08.26
Women Italy Maria Giovanna Cerutti 6.21.58 Italy Giovanna Cavalli 6.30.37 Italy Maria Poletti 6.59.10
2004 Men Italy Mario Poletti 5.02.03 Italy Fabio Bonfanti 5.05.49 Italy Fulvio Dapit 5.15.37
Women France Corinne Favre 6.09.50 Italy Giovanna Cavalli 6.45.39 Italy Maria Poletti 7.06.31
2005 Men (28km) Italy Dennis Brunod 2.44.09 United Kingdom Simon Booth 2.44.19 Italy Marco Rusconi 2.44.36
Women (28km) France Corinne Favre 3.23.19 Italy Daniela Vassalli 3.25.47 Italy Emanuela Brizio 3.26.05
2006 Men (28km) Italy Massimo Colombo 2.48.05 Italy Marco Rusconi 2.49.01 Italy Fausto Rizzi 2.50.53
2006 Women (28km) Italy Daniela Gilardi 3.25.42 Spain EsterHernandez 3.27.55 Andorra Stephanie Jimenez 3.29.18
2007 Men Spain Kilian Jornet 4.43.54 Slovenia Mitja Kosovelj 5.00.10 Italy Fabio Bonfanti 5.09.23
Women France Corinne Favre 5.58.07 Italy Emanuela Brizio 6.09.50 Italy Daniela Gilardi 6.28.57
2008 Men Spain Kilian Jornet 4.44.40 Spain Jessed Hernandez Gispert 4.44.41 Spain Tofol Castanyer Bernat 4.56.45
Women Italy Emanuela Brizio 5.32.01 France Corinne Favre 5.45.45 United Kingdom Angela Mudge 5.50.59
2010 Men Spain Miguel Heras 4.48.24 Italy Tadei Pivk 4.56.45 Italy Nicola Golinelli 4.59.06
Women Spain Mireia Miro Varela 5.32.44 Spain Nuria Picas Alberts 5.50.22 Italy Emanuela Brizio 5.55.34
2011 Men (21km) United Kingdom Tom Owens 2.23.54 Italy Stefano Butti 2.24.13 Spain Luis Alberto Hernando Alzaga 2.24.31
Women Italy Emanuela Brizio 2.57.52 Spain Oihana Kortazar 2.59.13 Spain Nuria Dominquez Azpeceta 3.05.23
2012 Men Italy Tadei Pivk 4.45.38 Spain Miguel Heras 4.47.19 United Kingdom Tom Owens 4.51.00
Women Italy Silvia Serafini 5.54.39 Italy Emanuela Brizio 6.03.22 Italy Debora Cardone 6.19.43

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