Zach Boddicker

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Zach Boddicker
Born (1977-08-08) August 8, 1977 (age 39)
Fort Collins, CO, US United States
Genres Rock, country
Instruments Vocals
Pedal steel guitar
Years active 1999–present
Labels Upland, Suburban Home
Associated acts 4H Royalty, Drag the River
Notable instruments
Fender Nashville Telecaster, Sho-Bud Pro-III

Zach Boddicker is an American musician best known as the original lead guitarist and pedal steel guitarist in the alt-country band Drag the River, and now as guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter for Denver, Colorado-based rock band 4H Royalty.[1][2]

Boddicker has also performed or recorded with punk rock bands The Ataris, Armchair Martian, and Colorado-based country/rockabilly bands Marty Jones & the Great Unknowns, and the Railbenders.


4H Royalty[edit]

  • Colossalalia (2010)
  • Where UFO's Go To Die (2012)
  • Liars & Outliers (2013)

Drag the River[edit]

  • Hobo's Demos (2000)
  • Closed (2002)
  • Live at the Starlight (2002)
  • At the Green Door LP (2003)
  • Chicken Demos (2004)
  • Hey Buddies... (2004)
  • Live at the Starlight/at the Green Door (double cd repress) (2000)
  • ...A Way with Women 7-inch (2006)
  • It's Crazy (2006)
  • Primer (mix tape CD) (2009)

Marty Jones and the Great Unknowns[edit]

  • Drink & Song EP (2009)

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