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Hugh Zachary (born 12 January 1928).[1][2] is an American novelist who has written science fiction novels under the pseudonyms Zach Hughes and Evan Innes (the latter for the America 2040 series). His other pseudonyms include Peter Kanto, Pablo Kane and Evan Innes.[2] He describes himself as "the most published, underpaid and most unknown writer in the U.S."[weasel words][3][neutrality is disputed]

Some of his novels appear to be set in a shared universe, one where Earth experiences a nuclear apocalypse shortly after launching a colonization fleet to settle new worlds among the stars.[1]


Zachary was born in Holdenville, Oklahoma on 12 January 1928. He received his education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.[4] He served in the U.S. Army and worked in broadcast journalism in Florida.[4][5][6] Zachary started writing as a full-time occupation along with his wife Elizabeth in in 1963.[4][6]


Science fiction[edit]

Thunderworld science fiction series[edit]

  • The Book of Rack the Healer (1973) Award Books AN1149
  • Thunderworld (1982) Signet / New American Library ISBN 0-451-11290-3

America 2040 science fiction series[edit]

Hugh Zachary wrote the America 2040 series using the pseudonym Evan Innes.


Sheriff Jugg Watson western series[edit]

  • Bloodrush (1981) Leisure ISBN 0-8439-0857-2 - A string of killings in Earlysberg, a quiet Southern town, seem to suggest ritual voodoo and black magic.
  • Murder In White (1981) Leisure ISBN 0-8439-0876-9

Tusk Smith western series[edit]

  • To Guard the Right (1981, Hugh Zachary) Worldwide Library (Raven House) ISBN 0-373-63008-5
  • Top Level Death (1981, Hugh Zachary) Worldwide Library (Raven House) ISBN 0-373-60049-6

The Sierra Leone western series[edit]

Romance novels[edit]



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