Zachariae Isstrom

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Zachariae Isstrom
Karte Nordostgrönland Koch 1911.png
1911 map with the Zachariæ Isstrøm at the bottom
Map showing the location of Zachariae Isstrom
Map showing the location of Zachariae Isstrom
Location within Greenland
Type Piedmont glacier
Location Greenland
Coordinates 78°0′N 30°0′W / 78.000°N 30.000°W / 78.000; -30.000Coordinates: 78°0′N 30°0′W / 78.000°N 30.000°W / 78.000; -30.000
Area 91,780 km2 (35,440 sq mi)
Width 26 km
Terminus Greenland Sea
North Atlantic Ocean

Zachariae Isstrom (Danish: Zachariæ Isstrøm; Isstrøm being the Danish word for ice stream) is a large glacier located in King Frederick VIII Land, northeast Greenland.


It drains an area of 91,780 km2 (35,440 sq mi) of the Greenland Ice Sheet with a flux (quantity of ice moved from the land to the sea) of 11.7 km3 (2.8 cu mi) per year, as calculated for 1996,[1] increasing to 15 km3 (3.6 cu mi) in 2015.[2] The glacier holds a 0.5-meter sea-level rise equivalent.

Zachariæ Isstrøm has its terminus south of Lambert Land and north of Nørreland, near the Achton Friis Islands.[3] It terminates into an embayment previously packed with multi-year calf ice.[4]

Glacier retreat[edit]

Zachariæ Isstrøm broke loose from a stable position in 2012 and entered a phase of accelerated retreat as predicted in 2008.[5]

From a state of approximate mass balance until 2003 it is now losing mass at about 5 Gt/yr. The ice velocity increased by 50% in 2000-2014. In 2012 it detached from a stabilizing sill and retreated rapidly along a downward-sloping, marine-based bed[2] with substantial calving[6]

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