Zachary of Vienne

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Saint Zachary or Saint Zacharias
Martyr and Bishop of Vienne
Died 106
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Feast 26 May

Saint Zachary or Saint Zacharias of Vienne was traditionally the second Bishop of Vienne (Latin: Vienna) in what is now Isère, France, during the Roman Empire until he was supposedly martyred in 106 AD, under the prefect Pompey during the reign of the Emperor Trajan.[1] He was one of the first Christian evangilists in France . He is venerated locally and is one of the patron saints of the city of Vienne. His feast day is celebrated on 26 May.


Some doubt the historicity of Zachary, as Verus, the fourth bishop of Vienne, is documented in the year 314, thus making it unlikely that the second bishop could have worked as early as the reign of Trajan.[2]


Zechariah lived in Vienna at the end of the first century. He was elected by the people of Vienna, Isère to be their second bishop. While Christianity was not allowed in the Roman Empire, he was martyred in his episcopal city, Vienna, in 106, by the Prefect Pompey on the orders of the Roman Emperor Trajan.


Having a local veneration, St. Zacharias is one of the patron saints of the city of Vienne. His cult was confirmed by the Roman Catholic Church and his feast day is celebrated on May 26.

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