Zachary Community School Board

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Zachary Community School Board
3755 Church Street, Zachary, LA 70791
United States
Coordinates30°39′06″N 91°09′52″W / 30.6517°N 91.1645°W / 30.6517; -91.1645 (District office)Coordinates: 30°39′06″N 91°09′52″W / 30.6517°N 91.1645°W / 30.6517; -91.1645 (District office)
District information
Established ()
SuperintendentScott Devillier [1]
Students and staff
Students5069 [2]
Teachers349 [2]
Staff241 [2]
Student-teacher ratio14.5 [2]
Other information

Zachary Community School District (ZCSD), or Zachary Community School Board is a school district in Zachary, Louisiana, United States.

The Zachary Community School System was founded in 2002 and was formed from schools that had been located in the East Baton Rouge Parish School District.[3] The schools in this system are located within the City of Zachary; however, the school district boundaries include areas outside of the incorporated City of Zachary.[4]

Since 2005, the school system has been recognized by the Louisiana Department of Education as the top system in Louisiana.[3]

Elementary schools[edit]

Secondary schools[edit]


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