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Zachary German (born December 17, 1988) is an American novelist and poet. His first novel, Eat When You Feel Sad, was published by Melville House in 2010.[1]

German's poems and prose have been published in Dennis Cooper's Userland anthology,[2] 3:AM Magazine,[3] Bear Parade,[4] and Small Distribution Press.[5]

Eat When You Feel Sad[edit]

Eat When You Feel Sad was published by Melville House in February 2010.[1] It is about a character named Robert in an unnamed city.

Online and print response to Eat When You Feel Sad was mixed. It has been reviewed in Bookslut,[6] The Rumpus,[7] Time Out Chicago,[8] Publishers Weekly,[9] Philadelphia City Paper,[10] and Nylon.[11]

Dennis Cooper has said of the book: “Zachary German’s nimble, catwalking, archeological, surface dwelling, emotionally unpaved prose is a thing of total wonder and my favorite drug, language-based or otherwise. Eat When You Feel Sad is so bright and pleasurable and full of excellence, it’s positively serene.”[1]

Tao Lin has said of the book: "Moving, funny, emotional, and—in a revolutionary way—both highly readable and avant-garde, Eat When You Feel Sad excites me very much in terms of literature and also life itself.”[1]

Shitty Youth[edit]

In 2010, German started the internet radio show Shitty Youth after the death of his previous internet radio show Every Time A Police Officer Gets Shot I Throw a Party Radio. Shitty Youth generally broadcasts on Sundays.

In November 2012, director Adam Humphreys released a documentary about German, also titled Shitty Youth.[12]


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