Zachos Milios

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Zachos Milios
Zachos Milios.jpg
Born 1805
Died 1860
Allegiance  Kingdom of Greece
Service/branch Greek Army
Years of service 1824-1860
Rank Colonel
Battles/wars Greek War of Independence

Zachos Milios (Greek: Ζάχος Μήλιος; 1805–1860) was a Greek revolutionary of the Greek War of Independence (1821–1830) and officer of the Greek army. He was the brother of the distinguished general and politician Spyros Milios.

Greek War of Independence[edit]

Milios was born in Himarë, in modern south coast Albania (Northern Epirus).[1] At 1824, under the leadership of his brother Spyromilios, he together with several armed Himariotes descent to southern Greece in order to join the Revolution. There they fought against the Ottoman troops of Omer Vryonis, under the orders of Alexandros Mavrokordatos. At 1825, together with his brother, as well as Notis Botsaris and Dimos Riniassas participated in several conflicts in Aetolia region (Makrynoros, Kasteli Anatolikou). The same year they joined the besiegers in Missolonghi. Zachos also participated in the following exodus. Later he fought under the leadership of Georgios Karaiskakis.

Milios supported the political party of Alexandros Mavrokordatos and joined the Pro-Russian party. During Kapodistrias' rule (1828–1832) he became captain of the 2nd light infantry battalion.

After Independence[edit]

When Otto became King of Greece (1832), he remained in the army serving as a frontier guard. He was considered a very loyal officer and became a vivid supporter of the Megali Idea (like most of the Greek officers born outside Greece's border in that period).

Zachos Milios reached the rank of Colonel. He was distinguished by his bravery on the battlefield (he was seriously wounded four times).


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