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Zacky Farms LLC is an American food production company in California. It was incorporated in 1955 by Sam Zacky's family and developed by his three sons—Harry, Al, and Bob—from retail to wholesale. Its primary factory is located in Central California.

Zacky Farms presently employs at least 1,500 people in Los Angeles, Fresno (1,000 in 2009),[1] Tulare, Kings County, and San Joaquin County. In 2009, the company was one of the top ten employers in Fresno and accounted for 0.48% of total employment in the city.[1]

On October 9, 2012 Bloomberg News Service announced Zacky Farms LLC, a Fresno, California-based poultry producer, filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy with plans to reorganize after removing partner, Richard Zacky. Zacky Farms came out of the bankruptcy in 2014 and owned entirely by Lillian Zacky, Robert Zacky's widow.

All of Zacky Farms products are Anti-Biotic Free (ABF) and produced in the state of California. Zacky Farms is best known for its high standards for animal welfare, employees, and quality of its products.

Zacky Farms is a fourth generation, family owned, California poultry company.


  • Breast of Turkey
  • Classics Fully-Cooked Meats
  • Culinary Classic Breast of Turkey
  • Franks Bulk Packed
  • Turkey Breast
  • Turkey Breast Roast Ready To Cook
  • LillianZ Ranch Chicken
  • Sun Harvest
  • Turkey Franks
  • Chicken Franks
  • Samuel's Ranch Free Range ABF Turkey


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