Zad Moultaka

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Zad Moultaka
Occupation(s)Pianist, composer

Zad Moultaka (born 1967) is a Lebanese composer and pianist. He attended the Conservatoire de Paris and has played at the Baalbeck International Festival. He worked with Fadia Tomb El-Hage in his 2009 album Visions.[1]


  • Hachô dyôldat Alôhô - La Passion selon Marie (passion in Syriac)

As composer-performer;

  • Anashid (2001)
  • Zarani, with soprano Fadia Tomb el-Hage (2003)
  • Zarani Mouwashahs avec Piano (2004)
  • Visions with soprano Fadia Tomb el-Hage (2009)
  • Où en est la nuit 2014
As pianist
  • Mirages, Chimères... Musique de Gabriel Fauré, Philippe Balloy baritone with Zad Moultaka piano


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