Zadar Polyptych

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Zara Polyptych
Vittore carpaccio, san martino e il povero, dal polittico di Zara, 1480-1490 ca.jpg
Artist Vittore Carpaccio
Year c. 1480-1490
Type Oil on panel
Location Museum of Sacred Art, Cathedral, Zadar

The Zadar Polyptych is an oil-on-panel by Italian artist Vittore Carpaccio, painted around 1480-1490. It is now in the Museum of Sacre Art of the Zadar Cathedral, in southern Croatia.


The polyptych includes six panels in two orders; at the center are the scenes of St. Martin and the poor and St. Jerome with the donor.

The figures are painted on a background with rocky hills, with no unitary treatment of the landscape based on geometric perspective but, as in Gentile Bellini's works, with a series of separate blocks.


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