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IndustryCloud computing
FoundedMarch 2011
Key people
Nelson Nahum, CEO
ProductsComputer storage

Zadara is a cloud computing company founded in 2011, with headquarters in Irvine, California.[1] The company develops computer software that it markets as storage-as-a-service, which can be used for cloud or on-premises servers, a model sometimes called private cloud.[2]


Zadara S was founded in 2011 with $3 million in start-up funding.[3] In 2012, the company introduced cloud-based storage to's public cloud customers. The storage was designed to be used as persistent storage in conjunction with Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).[1] The company started by selling block data storage for storage area networks (SAN), and later added network attached storage (NAS) for cloud customers.[1]

In July 2012 the company completed a $7 million first funding round.[4] In August 2013, Toshiba's America Electronic Components (TAEC) division invested $3 million in the company. Reports indicated that as part of the investment, Toshiba's disk drives would be used in Zadara's storage products.[5] In 2014, Zadara was named a Cool Vendor by informational technology advisory firm Gartner.[6]

In 2019, Asigra, a cloud-based data recovery software based in Toronto, Canada, partnered with Zadara "to release a purpose-built backup appliance with a subscription-based pricing model" that "aimed at service providers who would rather rent than buy."[7]

In February 2021, Zadara acquired developer NeoKarm, the developer of an Amazon Web Services-compatible cloud system.[8] Also in February, the company became the official sponsor of Alfa Romeo in Formula One.[9]

Products and services[edit]

Zadara Storage sells enterprise-class data storage services on a pay-as-you-go basis to companies worldwide through its Zadara Enterprise Data Cloud, for which it holds a patent.[10][11] The operating software combines the company's proprietary software with third-party software including OpenStack, and allows the storage to be distributed to different users or tenants in a multi-tenant environment.[12] The platform allows users to create private clouds consisting of multiple high-availability cluster virtual storage arrays.[12] In addition to its block and file storage services, the company also sells Amazon S3/OpenStack Swift-compliant object storage services.[10]

The Zadara Storage Backup to Amazon S3 (B2S3) product allows automatic backups from Zadara Storage Cloud to Amazon S3-compatible storage.[13] Zadara Container Services is technology that embeds Docker containers into Zadara's storage arrays.[14]


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