Zadarski list

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Zadarski list
Zadarski list front 20120911.jpg
Front page of the 11 September 2012 issue
Type Daily newspaper
Publisher RTD d.o.o.[1]
Editor-in-chief Luka Perić[1]
Founded 3 November 1994 (1994-11-03)[2]
Language Croatian
Headquarters 6 Grgura Mrganića Street, Zadar, Croatia[1]
Circulation 3,500 (Oct 2014)[3]

Zadarski list is a Croatian daily newspaper. It is the first daily newspaper published in Zadar.

Zadarski list started on 3 November 1994 as a weekly. At that time, it was focused on the news from Zadar and the Zadar County, reaching a circulation of 12,000. Zadarski list became a daily newspaper on 21 December 1998, and switched to wider coverage of events in Croatia and the world.[2]


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