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Zafar Iqbal (Urdu: ظفر اقبال‎—Ẓafar Iqbāl) born in 1932, an Urdu poet, based in Okara, Pakistan, in the genre of ghazal. The diction of his ghazal is entirely different from traditional Urdu poetry. He is a lawyer by profession, and regularly contributes articles to an Urdu newspaper, Daily Jinnah. Contrary to Classical Poets, Zafar thinks Love as scientific and physcical thing rather than Super Natural. Dr Tabasam Kaashmiri called him Literature's renegade of 20th century and first poet to get rid of classical Ghazal.

He has a son named Aftab Iqbal. He is a columnist and TV anchor. He used to do a show on dunya TV but due to some problem with the channel, he left Dunya News and joined Geo TV network. Poetry Collection: Tamjid Taqweem Tashkeel Tajawaz Tawarid Tasahil Hay Hanuman Ab Tak

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