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For the village in Alborz Province, see Zafaraniyeh, Alborz. For the village in Razavi Khorasan Province, see Zafaraniyeh, Razavi Khorasan.

Coordinates: 35°48′22.41″N 51°24′54.76″E / 35.8062250°N 51.4152111°E / 35.8062250; 51.4152111

A street in Zafaraniyeh

Zafaraniyeh (main street: Shahid Sarlashkar Fallahi) is an affluent neighbourhood in the north of Tehran, Iran. The name's origin lies in the fact that it was the residence of many saffron traders long ago, thus the name Zafaraniyeh (the Persian version of Saffronia). The Islamic Azad University of Tehran, Languages branch is located at the beginning of Zafaraniyeh that teaches English, German, French, Spanish, and other foreign languages. The museum of Sa'dabad Palace is situated at the end of this street, which also contains a culture house. There are plans to build a shopping center in Asef crossroad. The Moghaddas Ardebili Street connects Zafaraniyeh to Velenjak from east and to Valiasr Street and Elahieh from west. Egypt's embassadorial residence is also located there. There is also a synagogue in this neighbourhood. Zafaraniyeh is classed as being one of the best areas of Tehran, with many rich Iranians and non-Iranians living here. The area has many millionaires and many of the residents also live abroad. The area consists of nearly all apartment blocks with only a few houses. It is near the longest city road in Asia, Vali-asr Street. This area of Vali-asr street has many foreign boutiques which is the only area in Iran that has shops such as Gucci, Rolex and Armani boutiques. Some of the great Zafaraniyeh Shopping Malls and Centers are listed below:

  • Zafaranieh Plaza,Zaferaniyeh St. [1]
  • Palladium Mall,Moqadas Ardabili St. [2]
  • Parmis Commercial Complex,Moqadas Ardabili St. [3]
  • Zafaraniyeh Bamik Complex,Zaferaniyeh St.

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